April 14, 2008

More on Public Relations

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I am just expanding my thoughts on the future of public relations.  I looked at some views that others have expressed about the issue and have found that many are in agreement that public relations is key to the future of internal and external communication for the business world. 

I also found that one of the reasons so many people aren’t sure what public relations actually is, is because it is everywhere.  By this I mean that public relations is used in so many different aspects of communication that people aren’t sure where to draw the line and thus “define” the profession.

In all honesty, I was one of those people prior to doing my own research about it.  A few years ago I was having problems deciding what I wanted to do with  my life.  I had tried several different majors in school and none of them suited me.  My father is actually the one that suggested public relations.  I remember thinking that public relations sounded interesting but confessed to my father I wasn’t sure, exactly, what public relations was.  The wise man that my father is (he was also an educator), told me to get on the Internet or go to the library and research it a little.  I took his advice and really liked what I found. 

Public relations is not always called “public relations.”  Many businesses and organizations have public relations departments and call them as such.  However, many others have public relations departments and call them human resources, marketing and titles of that nature.  Public service announcements, speeches and most written internal documents are produced by public relations practitioners regardless of their actual title.  Already, many public relations practitioners are finding themselves in charge of the Internet communication functions.  They are frequently responsible for starting Web sites, maintaining them, writing for them and much more.

Public relations, as a profession, is going to be around for years to come.  There is a need for the functions this group of professionals can provide.  In the workforce, public relations truly is everywhere.  I feel confident in saying that the demand for public relations will only increase as technology improves. 


The Future of Public Relations

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   As a Public Relations major, I am very interested in the future of Public Relations.  My personal belief is that there will always be a need for it.  As long as there are businesses/companies, organizations, other various industries and let’s not forget celebrities, there will always be a demand for a positive image portrayal to the media and general public.  I don’t see public relations ever going underground again.  Just like everything else, public relations has its critics, but overall, it is a necessary service and does receive much praise as well. 

   Public Relations professionals sometimes get dogged by the media and journalists, however, those same public relations professionals do much of the work for journalists in various instances.  They send them story ideas, media kits, press releases and other materials that makes the workload more bearable for journalists.  In my PR Communication Methods class we were presented with several statistics that backed up this claim.
– Media relations is the no. 1 responsibility of a public relations staff.
– Journalists admit to using news releases 50-60 percent of the time.
– Public Relations professionals can save journalists time, money and effort in the information gathering process.
– While two-thirds of journalists say they don’t trust individuals in public relations, 81 percent  rely on information   given to them by public relations professionals. 
   This is just some food for thought… 

March 5, 2008

Video Games

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There is no denying that video games have evolved greatly since they were first introduced to the public.  However, there is much debate regarding the affects of video games on our society.  Let me just say that I am not a “gamer” but I live with one and get a firsthand glimpse into the gaming world. 

I am an 80s baby, and video games played a large role in many of our childhoods.  The view by some parents was that video games seemed to keep their kids quiet in front of the TV, and bothering them, so they didn’t mind the hours spent in front of the TV.  The view by others was predominately negative.  Critics said that video games were desensitising our youth, making them lazy and even making them overweight.  While this may have been true in some cases, it certainly was not an accurate summary of the long-term affects of video games on our society.

I recall watching TV the other day and catching that last part of a program that was discussing the “twenty-something” age group in the workforce.  The show pointed out that this age group was heavily influenced by video games and in fact, those video games have helped them in the workforce.  It highlighted that this group has done extremely well in the workforce and contributed aspects such as being heavily motivated, able to work well with others or independently and able to multitask, to video games.

Of course, there can be to much of a good thing.  I am not recommending that someone sit their child in front of the TV for hours-on-end playing video games.  What I am getting at is that they do enhance some skills that may otherwise not have been realized.

February 29, 2008

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My name is Candace and I absolutely love my dogs.  Growing up, I didn’t ever have an animal of my own.  Now that I am an adult and live in my own house, I have the opportunity to have my own pets.  I have three dogs, Cy, Eleven and Attilla (it’s not a typo, Attila the Hun only had one “l” but she has two).  Cy is  a three-year-old fawn male.  Eleven is a one-year-old chocolate female.  Attilla The Hunnie is a nine month old blue-brindle female.  I know this sounds a bit nutty, but I get so much enjoyment out of my dogs that I can’t imagine life before them.  Eleven is my therapy dog.  Everyone assumes that I mean she is a seeing-eye dog or has some kind of unique training.  This is not the case.  I got Eleven after my first dog, Concrete who also happened to be Cy’s dad, died.  I was terribly depressed after losing Concrete, so my boyfriend got her for me not as a replacement but as an addition. 

Just as a final thought…  I don’t know why, but it is totally entertaining (to me anyway) to make up totally stupid names for my animals.  Once I find a name that fits, I tend to use that for most references and use there actual name when I mean business.  Cy kind of got shafted with the name thing though because it was kind of difficult to find anything suitable.  Eleven is Levie-Doodle.  Attilla is Tilly, Atty, or the ever popular Tillamuss (the spelling is special but it is pronounced exactly as it is spelled).  Most of the time Cy is The Funk but Brother (check him out now), which is a play on words from a song that was popular from when I was in high school.

February 26, 2008

Hello world!

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